New stunt " Taunt"

  • As a stunt, you may Taunt another target. Your character insults the target, or performs rude gestures, or generally does something to the target to make them angry with you.
    • You may taunt even if this Gift is exhausted.
    • Taunting does not require you to have your mental faculties. You can Taunt even when Confused or Enraged.
  • Roll your Mind (
    ), Will (
    ), and Presence (
    ) dice.
    • The target rolls their Will, Inquiry, and your Body (
      ) Dice.
    • The target must be able to hear you.
      • You cannot be Silenced.
      • The target cannot be Asleep or Unconscious, etc.
    • Range penalties apply, but use Cover and Concealment on yourself, not the target.
      • (Taunting works better if you’re out in the open.)
  • No successes: Nothing happens.
  • One success: The target becomes Enraged if they can become Enraged (Not Afraid, etc.).
    • Enranged characters must take the “Attack” action every round.
  • Two successes: The target becomes Enraged.
    • Negates any conditions that prevent the target from becoming Enraged.
  • Three successes or more: The target becomes Berserk.
    • Negates any conditions that prevent the target from becoming Berserk.

X (Battle) Trigger: " Scare, Trick, or Taunt Stunt"

  • Exhaust to Negate Reeling
    • The Stunt still ends your turn, as usual, but you are not sent Reeling.