You are a court jester

  • You are officially licensed to be a royal fool, either by decree of by law.
  • You are expected not just to entertain the court, but you are also expected to say what everyone else is too afraid to say.
  • You are expected to:
    • Insult people.
    • Call out liars and cheats, not matter how influential they are.
    • Point out flaws in plans that the invested cannot bring themselves to discuss.

X (Influence) Sway the opinions of others

  • You may exhaust this Gift to push influence over other folks … even after failing a roll!
  • Usually, Exhausting this Gift means “playing dumb” and getting out of a situation that would embarrass someone with more station that you.
    • A subtle fool can advise, plant ideas in people’s heads, and gain access to places that commoners aren’t usually allowed.
  • You can request to refresh your Influence Gifts once per day, at the DMs discretion.
    • In this case it generally means the parties you used this Gift on are willing to deal with your shit again.