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Session 4 keypoints

”Lets clear the other field now.” Norrix says as he points his mace towards the field.

I nod.

We arrive at the other field. We notice only one Punching Onion beside the big one.

We charge into the field as Morale leaps through the air, landing next to the big Onion.

Morale stabs the big guy with his dagger. “Take that!” he screams as he narrowly avoids the creature’s fist.

Norrix makes quick work of the smaller Onion.

”You know, I sort of expected more resistance in this fie-” before I can finish my sentence, the very ground we stand on starts trembling.

Around us, several more Punching Onions emerge.

Morale takes his dagger and stabs one of tge smaller Onions, not noticing the big presence behind behind him rearing his fist.

”Morale! Watch out!” I scream, trying to warn him, but it is too late.

The sound of bones scattering echoes through the field. Morale is no more.

”Now I’m really pissed!” Norrix charges forward, clutching his trusty mace.

Norrix quickly smashes the smaller targets. The big Onion blinds him with Onion Juice. The big guy readies his fist.

”To your left!” I scream to Norrix.

He immediately strikes his mace as the sound of crushing vegetables follows.

We bury Morale in the field before heading back to the town of Narre.

On the way home to Narre we come across a group of miners heading to work. They seem a bit grumpy.

We arrive at the Wizard Tower and head inside.

We are greeted by Hildegart.

”Welcome brave adventurers, did you succeed in your quest?”

I nod.

”Master Eckart will be waiting upstairs. I believe you know the way.”

We head upstairs to meet Eckart.

”Well done adventurers. It seems I was right to entrust you with the quest.”

Eckart rewards us for clearing both fields. He walks to the windows and points down at the Sky Moss.

”I believe you are ready for this. I assume you to be willing as well. I will reward you appropriately.”

I nod.

We poke the Sky Moss a bit to test it.

We leave to tower to device a plan.

As we walk around the town, we discuss our options.

”It’s a cloud right? So it should be pretty light. But it is also rather dense for a cloud.” I think out loud.

”I’m going to drag it” Norrix says as he heads into a store to buy a rope.

I look confused as he walks out with a long rope.

”What? It’s not like we have a better plan.” Norrix remarks.

I shrug “Fair enough.”

We head back to the Wizard Tower.

”Nice and tights” as Norrix ties a knot around the Sky Moss, dropping the other end down along the tower.

I look on as Norrix grabs the rope. And surely, he manages to slowly move the cloud along.

Norrix drags the cloud along to the outskirts of Narre.

We notice a group of miners shouting at us as we approach the river. Their leader flies over to us, a fruit bat with and itimidating presence.

”What do you think you’re doing?” she snarls.

”Uhm. We’re moving the Sky Moss away from the town.” I state nervously, pointing towards Norrix dragging the cloud along.

”Let us help you with that.” The figure flies over to the other side of the river. Shortly after she returns with a group of miners. “Let’s drag it to an open field.”

The combined strength of Norrix and the miners quickly drag the cloud to a empty field. We proceed to burn away all of the Sky Moss.

The figure introduces herself as Imtrud, the leader of the miners.

I thank her for her help.

”By the way, are you adventurers?”

I show my red Guild Badge with a smile. “Yes, Master Eckart asked us to clear the cloud."

"Master…Eckart…” Imtrud isn’t amused. “So you’re one of his puppets?” as she points her sword to me.

I gulp. “Puppets?”

Imtrud glares at me, before sheathing her sword. “That bastard has been oppressing us for long enough. A group of strong adventurers might just be what we need to fix that.” as she looks at Norrix.

I stare at Imtrud. “You want to overthrow the Mages?”

Imtrud nods.

I think for a second. “We’ll need a plan. Lets talk about it tomorrow.”

We head back to the Wizard Tower. Eckart greets us happily. “Welcome back. I have heard you successfully cleared the Sky Moss. Well done.” Eckart rewards us for completing the task.

”By the way.” I say “Can you tell me a bit more about this place?”

Eckart smiles “Of course.” He takes us to the library. Here we have all the knowledge of Cogniscente Magic."

"Cogniscente?” I ask.

”Mind Magic. Mind reading, suggestion, even mind control.” Eckart boasts.

”That’s so cool!” I beam.

”That would be an understatement. It truly is the most remarkable tyoe of Magic.” Eckart continues.

We exchange some more information about the arcane before leaving.

We meet up with Imtrud the next day.

”We plan to storm the keep in a few weeks. They are holding many of us captive there.” Imtrud explains. “Are you in?”

I nod. “Just one thing.”

Imtrud looks at me “Well?"

"You cannot tell the others about the plan yet. The Mages study Cogniscenti Magic.” I explain.

”So? They are mages, of course they study magic.” Imtrud laughs.

I shake my head. “That’s exactly the problem. Cognescenti Magic focuses on Mind Reading and even Mind Control.”

Imtrud gives me a glare “Who told you this?"

"The head of the tower himself. Eckart.” I whisper.

Imtrud thinks for a second. “Fine. Meet us in two weeks. I’ll lay low until then.”

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