My father’s writing kit is like a portal to a world of imagination and possibility. Embellished with brass and ivory, it is a collection of extraordinary implements designed to bring grand ideas to life on paper. Every time I open the leather case, I’m reminded of the adventures that await me when I pick up my pen and start writing. Whether I’m crafting a map to a new realm, writing a letter to a distant friend, or simply jotting down my thoughts, I know this set of tools will help me bring my vision to life.

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  • Session 009: I introduce myself as a writer looking for stories.
  • Session 008: The other room has a map. It has golden circles of Hornbach, the former Capital city and Cortvilly the current Capital city, as well as a volcano. In addition it has two golden circles with no currently known towns. The circles are connected. I transcribe the map with my Writing Kit.