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Session 7 keypoints

We chase the wizard outside. There we see a group of guards telling us to stop right there or else.

Ravahn is flying above the keep, observing the situation. He heads to the army we just freed from the keep.

Damjan intimidates the guards into backing off. The guards run off.

As we walk ahead, there is a split in the road leading to a town square. To the left stands the a bleak building without windows. To the right is a bleak building with wooden doors and windows. Straight ahead is the Black Tower.

Ravahn observed Eckart head into the Black Tower. He charges through the window, surprising Eckart. Ravahn points his crossbow at the Sorcerer and shoots, snapping the string on his crossbow.

Next, Ravahn shoots his Rebuke at Eckart. Eckart manages to dodge the spell.

Two Porcupine, Two Skunks, Two Bats, and a Monkey in Green Robes are defending the tower entrance.

We try to convince them to move away. They brace themselves for combat.

A fight ensues. Norrix strikes down an enemy, as does Damjan with a sharp shot.

Damjan gets hit by an arrow and falls down. I rush in to patch him up.

Ravahn flies in and heals Damjan with his magic.

Norrix launches a Porcupine through a window on the first floor of the Black Tower with his mace.

The enemies surrender.

Ravahn heals Damjan and we head up the stairs, towards the Black Tower.

We peek into the door. It seems safe.

We head in. The counter seems to be left alone in a hurry. I cannot make out anything important.

We head up the stairs to the library.

I say out loud “Let’s burn it.” There is no response.

Norrix and Ravahn check the library for loot. They find a tome titled “On the Virtue of Culture”.

Damjan and I walk up to Eckarts room. It seems a bit barren.

I walk up to the Observatory above Eckarts room. We can see a few towns and a mountain range to the south.

I find a map with the important trade routes. It also a suspicious mark in the woods.

We find a Financial statement that show Narre is 119 Aureals in debt to Dottingen.

There is not a trace of Eckart or Hildegart.

I plan to expose Eckart’s Financial statement to the public, as he has plummeted Narre into debt.

Imtrud holds a victory speech and claims Mayorships of Narre.

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