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Session 6 keypoints

The party and Imtrud gather around.

”We need a plan.” I whisper “If we want to take down the tower.”

We discuss it for a few minutes.

Suddenly we hear coughing as if someone is trying to get our attention.

We look towards the entrance and see a figure that shouldn’t be here: Master Eckart.

”Why are you here?” Norrix states as he clutches his mace.

”I detected very low brain activity, so I came to investigate.” Eckart snidely remarks.

”I’m going to give you low brain activity if you don’t shut up you second-rate magician.” Imtrud snarls.

A fight breaks out.

Both sides fight hard, but we ultimately provail thanks to Damjan’s and Norrix’s combined firepower with support from Ravann and myself.

As we defeat the last of Eckart minions, he begins to flee. We give chase.

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