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Session 8 keypoints

  • Imtrud enters Eckart’s office.
  • Party acquires Insider with Narre.
  • Lux takes the financial records showing the debts of Narre to Dottinghem.
  • Lux reads that there is an Iron export and Weapons import.
  • Damjan and Norrix acquire Chainmail armor.

  • We decide to head to the Library.
  • Aleksi leads to the ruined Manor of Muroliva. Next to the Manor is a well-kept Library. A large tree grows from the Library.

Ravahn recalls “From death it make, death is maketh. Death its maker.” A poem about Necromancy. It refers to hiding remains and bones in a tree and applying Dark Magic.

Lux gets a really bad feeling about the tree in the Library.

Aleksi tells that the former owner moved to the Manor a long time ago. He has been missing for a long time.

  • We decide to camp near the Manor for the night.

We hardly slept due to the howling of the trees.

We discuss our options during breakfast.

Damjan shoots at the tree. The tree responds by howling louder.

Ravahn tries to talk to the tree. He detects an energy inside the tree, but it is not visible from the outside. He uses Rebuke. The tree resists the attempt.

  • We decide to enter the Manor together. As we enter, there is a painting of a lion.
  • The Manor seems to have been ransacked, except for a few paintings.
  • The next room has a Stone Door with a Keyhole. There are also two wooden doors.

We decide to look for a key. We head through the door to the East.

We walk into a circular room. It has a small pool in the middle as the result of a leakage.

We head North. There is a room with a small chest. We shake the chest and hear a metal sound.

Norrix smashes the chest, revealing a golden key inside.

As we walk back to the circular room, Norrix notices something glistering at the bottoms of the shallow water.

We head to the room to the East.

We head to the Southern room. It contains the following information:

We learn of the story of the previous owner of the Manor. He seems very rich and has investments in three towns in the Acentum Empire. He was a Fire Mage. He has most of his fortune in a lake near Mantria.

  • The other room has a map. It has golden circles of Hornbach, the former Capital city and Cortvilly the current Capital city, as well as a volcano. In addition it has two golden circles with no currently known towns. The circles are connected. I transcribe the map with my Writing Kit.
  • The room also has a globe containing the world map. I recognize that the points all align with Ley Lines, potentially allowing teleportation between them. The volcano also has a large cave system.

We head to the last remaining room connected to the door with the Stone Door.

The room contains a ton of tomes about Fire Magic and Astrology Magic. I don´t recognize the tome about Star Magic. I decide to take the tome about Star Magic. Ravahn Takes the tome about Journeyman Fire Magic, Master Fire Magic, and the tome about Astrology Magic, as well as Apprentice Elementalism Tome.

We head to the room with the Stone Door.

Norrix turns the Golden Key in the Stone Door. As he does, three zombies pull open the door, followed by three skeletons. In the back, a Tomb Tree approaches.

One Zombie tries to attack Norrix, he strikes first and sends him dying. I grant focus to Norrix. Norrix strikes the second Zombie, injuring it. The last Zombie recovers and guards. The Tomb Tree intimidates Norrix. Two skeletons focus.

Ravahn manages to calm Norrix. Damjan misses the Tomb Tree. Norrix overkills a Zombie. I grant focus to Damjan.

Norrix counters a Zombie, overkilling it. The Tomb Tree retreats slightly. Norrix smashes the Skeletons one after the other. The last Skeleton grapples Norrix. Ravahn Rebukes the Skeleton. I grant focus to Norrix

Norrix Breaks Free from the Skeleton. The Tomb Tree throws a branch at Norrix, hitting him. He is now dying.

Ravahn heals Norrix. He is now Fatigued. I rally Afraid from Norrix. I guard. Damjan reloads and shoots, lighting the tree on fire.

The tree casts Milky Eyes, Ravahn dodges, and recovers.

I fail to rally Norrix. Damjan misses the Tomb Tree. Norrix misses the Tomb Tree. Ravahn readies Rebuke and Guards.

The Tomb Tree recovers. The Tomb Tree causes hurt, blind and forces him to drop his weapon on Damjan.

Ravahn heals Damjan and tries to Rebuke the Tomb Tree. I grant focus to Norrix and move next to Norrix. Damjan stand around. Norrix strikes the Tomb Tree. The Tomb Tree is afraid, hurt, injured, and reeling.

The Tomb Tree tries to attack with Horrors. Norrix interrupts the attack and strikes the Tomb Tree, decimating it.

We leave the Manor and move on to Wildt.

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