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Session 5 keypoints

During the next two weeks, we spent time preparing, trying to avoid the mages as much as possible to avoid foiling the plan.

Damjan and Norrix spent time training in the woods. Ravann spent time studying. I spent my time buying clothes.

It’s the day before the big plan. We’re seated around a table in the tavern. As we discuss money, I notice a figure trying to eavesdrop on us. It appears to be a weasel. I grab him and pull him to the table.

”I think this guy is interested in the topic of discussion,” I say with a smile. “Isn’t that right?”

Damjan and Norrix give the figure a distrusting glare. The figure stares nervously at Damjan.

Trying to lighten the mood, I smile. “By the way, did you hear anything from the guy you shot Damjan?"

"I have not,” Damjan responds.

The figure I had just dragged to our table quickly leaves. Leaving more questions than answers.

In preparation, I visit the Druid Circle near Narre, wearing my new clothes to not raise suspicion. They greet me as I approach.

”Hello, child. What brings you here today?” one of them asks.

”Uhm. My grandmother has trouble sleeping. Uhm. Do you have something for that?” I nervously lie.

”Worry not my child. Here you have something to help your grandmother be at ease.” The figure hands me two weeks’ worth of sleeping pills.

I thank the druids and head back to Narre.

I arrive at a bakery in Narre.

”Can I use your over for a bit? I want to bake cookies.” I smile.

The baker laughs. “Of course lass, go ahead.”

I bake a bunch of cookies with smashed-up sleeping pills in them. I bake some more without sleeping pills and leave those for the baker as thanks.

I put my spiked cookies in a basket and meet up with the others

It’s the dusk of the planned date. I’m wearing my commoner’s clothes. I wait for the guards with the basket filled with spiked cookies.

I walk towards the guards as they approach. “Hi! You’re the guards of the keep, right?” I say as innocently as I can muster.

The commander looks at me. “What about it?"

"I just wanted to thank you for keeping us safe. I baked some cookies as thanks!” I say as hold out the basket to the commander.

The guards happily accept the ‘gift’ and take it with them into the keep.

I return to the others and put on my adventuring gear.

We wait in the bushes near the keep. Over time, the guards on the watchtowers slowly lull into sleep.

As soon as the last guard has fallen asleep, we approach the keep.

We enter the keep through the second floor using some ladders.

As we enter, we hear some angry voices in the distance. We wait until the voices get closer before barging out into the hallway.

We are immediately greeted by a few guards and the keep’s warden.

We fight the guards. The fight is rough but swiftly turns as Damjan shoots one of the guards.

After tying up the survivors, we head down into the keep’s basement, towards the imprisoned miners.

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