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Session 9 keypoints

  • We arrive at the town center. It hovers over the river running through the city. It is surrounded by several buildings depicting four banners.
  • I ask one of the townsfolk for information of the competition. He explains there will be two rounds in the town center. The first round will be for points and the second round will be one-on-one fights. Both of the two main parties, the Apothecaries and the Mercenaries, are still looking for a champions.
  • I suggest contacting the two main parties to look for equipment and lodging.
  • Damjan wants to learn to read.
  • Damjan wants look for favor in a temple. There is a small temple of S’Allamer.
  • Damjan and Norrix both decide to participate in the in the second round.

  • Norrix explains what happened to me.
  • I interview the unnamed gorilla. He keeps talking for four hours. I write everything down.

  • Norrix shadows Ulvar into a dark alley as he suddenly turns around and grabs his sword.
  • Norrix swings at Ulvar, striking him down in a single strike. Then he kills Ulvar with his own sword and takes his head and sword.

  • The Gorilla and I go for a drink. Wine’s on him.

  • I make sure to get the gorilla drunk in order to be able to make my escape.

  • I and Damjan stay in the Tavern. Norrix tails the gorilla.
  • Norrix climbs to the window that Anton in sleeping on, he makes a lot of noise, throws the sword into the room, heads back the party and explains the preceding events.

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